About Us

I’m Sylvia! The owner/founder of Tonguetied Apparel. You probably recognize me from photos, I model products from time to time 💛

I started Tonguetied back when I was a Junior at James Madison University in VA (go dukes!!) I was tired of seeing the same outfits at football tailgates, and decided that I wanted to create clothes that stood out in the crowd. Here at Tonguetied, no two upcycled pieces are alike. We want you to feel confident and special in your clothes knowing that no one else will have the same top or sweatshirt 😊

I do almost everything around here - I am the one sewing and designing the clothing, packaging your orders, answering your dms and emails, and running social media. I do have some help behind the scenes with taxes, legal help, etc (I am not great with numbers) as well as some amazing friends that help me with content creation ❤️

With that being said, I am so excited to announce that Tonguetied is hiring this summer!! We are looking for a part time seamstress & a part time social media content creator to join the team. We will be posting the job descriptions for these positions soon 🌸

Thank you all for being such amazing customers & supporters, one of my favorite parts of owning a small business is getting to know you guys and seeing you in your Tonguetied clothing 💛