Are you interested in one of our designs for a specific team, school, or organization? We would love to work with you to create a custom piece!

We can customize pretty much anything - we can add player names/numbers, your name, city names, or anything else that you want!

Once you select your design(s), customizations, and size, we will send over a mock-up! You will have the option to send in your own items for us to rework, or we can source them for you.

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Tonguetied Apparel has become the go-to brand for reworked and personalized style, with our unique designs being spotted on renowned figures across various industries. From professional athletes to popular TV personalities, Tonguetied Apparel has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional style.

Join the league of your favorite celebrities and athletes and leave the crowd speechless® with your unique style.

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In 2018, she was a student at James Madison University, and her and her friends needed cute game day outfits. The rest is history!

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