Custom Order Vintage Flame Sweatshirt

Custom Order Vintage Flame Sweatshirt



Custom Star Rhinestone Sweatshirt total: $89


Can't find your team or school on our site? We would love to create a custom Vintage Flame Sweatshirt for you! Please allow up to 2 weeks (14 business days) for custom item completion!


Please list the information below in the "Please leave special instructions below" box

1. Your requested team/school

2. Top 3 sweatshirt color preferences 

3. Cropped or not

4. Flame Color (RED, SILVER, OR BLACK)

I reserve the right to deny a request if: not enough information is provided, or I cannot find any vintage/thrifted apparel for the school or team requested. If this is the case, I will refund your order.

☆Tonguetied Apparel creates unique, one-of-a-kind upcycled garments and sells second-hand apparel.

☆The second-hand materials have been modified, altered, and/or upcycled.

☆Second-hand materials sometimes could have some damages on them due to wear and tear from the previous owner of the original garment.

☆The second-hand clothing goods are purchased at local second-hand and consignment stores such as Goodwill.

☆TongueTied Apparel is not affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, and/or licensed by the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA, or any college and/or professional sports team/league

All custom order sales are final.